Prodigal Son

In this edition we will play with an age old parable, and once more find new depths to ponder.  Let us get our Bibles out and turn to Luke 15:11-32 and now read it together.  It is a great story, and full of depth and pathos.  The first thing that captures ones attention is the Prodigal, he comes to his Father and basically says “Drop Dead,” as there is never inheritance without a death, the prodigal wants inheritance, so he wants his Father dead and out of the way so that he can have life at its fullest; well so he thinks.

I find in verse 29 an inference that Father went to the bank and took out a big fat loan on the farm to pay off the Prodigal as the at home son seemed to believe he had sweated out for many years, with no benefits, to repay the Loan that useless Prodigal had just squandered away.  Jewish inherited land cannot be sold, it forever remained, “Family Property.”

Looking at the two sons, both appear to have been lost, at home son appears to have spent his time working and had no quality relationship with Father, Prodigal only saw Father as a gross restriction to real life, and he wanted Father dead and out of his way, thus also no relationship.  The Question, What depth of relationship do we actually have with our Heavenly Father?

If we take, son at home to equal church members, and prodigal as non church members, it gets scary as nobody has a real relationship with our Heavenly Father, the Churched are just mechanically doing the work, just working through the services and activities, no relationship, and the Prodigal’s full focus is just partying hard out and living life to the fullest, well so he currently thinks.

I love the part where the Prodigal, deep in the mire, comes to his senses, this is true repentance, for he has tasted sin to the dregs and it has left a very bad taste in his mouth, and his so called mates have evaporated and abandoned him.  This “Good Life” is a reducer, at home, life was an increaser, verse 17 “bread enough and to spare,” he sees the bounties of heaven and gets very homesick, and in essence, walks off the job, he is going back to God, he is going back Home, he is going to where food is really satisfying, and relationships are real, he is just plain, going.

Father seems to know something that both sons’ have missed.  He keeps constantly watching down the road as he knows that in time, Prodigal will come home, Prodigal will experience for himself that Sin is not what it is cracked up to be, that true peace and real life is found only in a real relationship with our Heavenly Father.

If one crosses to “Tradition,” we get some extra insights.  Mature Gentlemen NEVER EVER run, not under any circumstances, they are able to walk crisply but very dignified and regally when it is critical to hurry, well, just a wee bit.  Prodigal has shamed the family name, therefore he must die to take away the shame, in essence, Prodigal has a price on his head, “Dead or Alive,” and preferably in a body bag.

Why Father runs, is now obvious, as he has to get to Prodigal son before the assassin does (Avenger of Blood) as Prodigal has killed the Family’s Good Name, he dies (wages of Sin).  Father holds Prodigal close in protection and compassion, the orders run out for instant solutions, Prodigal is fully restored and his sin is covered by “The Robe of Christ’s Righteousness.”  His grave situation is hid, and he is presented back to the Family as if he had always been at home.

Party Time, and the Prodigal now clearly sees the difference between his riotous revelry, and Heavenly feasting in real fellowship and bonding, it is so obvious to him now.  Prodigal is home, and he is never ever going to ever leave again, when you have experienced the best (Heavenly), there is certainly no other option to consider.

The love of God still yearns over the one who has chosen to separate from Him, and He sets in operation influences to bring him back to the Father’s house. The prodigal son in his wretchedness “came to himself.” The deceptive power that Satan had exercised over him was broken. He saw that his suffering was the result of his own folly, and he said, “How many hired servants of my father’s have bread enough and to spare, and I perish with hunger! I will arise and go to my father.” Miserable as he was, the prodigal found hope in the conviction of his father’s love. It was that love which was drawing him toward home. . . . {CSA 12}

The parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the prodigal son, bring out in distinct lines God’s pitying love for those who are straying from Him. Although they have turned away from God, He does not leave them in their misery. He is full of kindness and tender pity toward all who are exposed to the temptations of the artful foe.  {COL 198}

In the parable of the prodigal son is presented the Lord’s dealing with those who have once known the Father’s love, but who have allowed the tempter to lead them captive at his will.  {COL 198}

To give a true representation of the tender, loving, pitying care exercised by His Father, Jesus gave the parable of the prodigal son. Though His children err and stray from Him, if they repent and return, He will receive them with the joy manifested by an earthly father in receiving a long-lost son who in penitence returns.– {Ev 56}

My heart goes out for the Lost Son at home, he has Father with him all the time, working with him, beside him, on a daily basis, and yet he has absolutely no idea of the amazing life and bountiful blessings right under his nose of having a vibrant relationship with his Heavenly Father.  Are you, am I just as blind today, are we Prodigals out in sin, or just lost souls in the Faith, instead of vibrant Christians perfectly reflecting out wonderful Saviour, Jesus Christ.  If you are lost, then come home right now, Father is waiting with arms ever open wide to receive you Home; Please come home.