Rock, Paper, Scissors

In our study today we are going to look at a few interesting things, and no we are not going to play the game of our title.  In my box of breakfast cereal was a wee clipboard that caught my attention and today we play.  To find a sustainable replacement product for wood pulp to make paper, some Asian countries have turned to a resource they have much of, and that is Rock.  What they have discovered is that if you grind rock as fine as talcum powder, add a resin to bind it, roll it out thin and cut it to sheets you actually have paper, well rock paper that is and not like Fred Flintstone.  Well it actually looks like paper, feels like shiny paper, can be printed on, faxed, photocopied or made into books if you want to.  The end result is that you have waterproof paper, and it is a resource you are unlikely to run out of.  Hey!! want to take your book to the beach or pool, no problem now, as it is impervious to water damage.  Maybe we should print Bibles in rock paper to combat humidity and water damage in the tropics and Jungles??

When one looks at scripture, there is a facet that pops up in a lot of bible books, and that is of Stone.  God wrote the first copy of the 10 Commandments upon sapphire paving stone and Moses had to get them re-written on rock, cause he broke the first ones over an issue of golden calf worship.  David killed Goliath with a stone, the Temple was built of stone along with the city walls, buildings, roads and so much more, but I want you to focus on a more spiritual facet here.

That facet is that stone, rock, mountain has the direct reference to a Government, and the major reference is to that of the Government of Heaven or to God’s Government.  In Isa 14:13-14 we have a look into Heaven and the Mount of God and Satan wanted to ascend on the sides of the North, which from the Sanctuary is the actual path to God, and Satan wanted to be above the mount or throne of God.  That is to have a more superior government.

If you look at Nebuchadnezzar’s dream as recorded in Daniel chapter 2 we find a metallic image representing the world governments or dominant rulers, and all these are conquered and destroyed by a stone that was cut out without human hand, or of a heavenly source, and all world governments completely vanish as fine powder before it and that stone grew into a great mountain that filled the whole earth.

This is a Messianic Prophecy that Messiah ben David would return and sit upon the throne of David and rule the full established Kingdom of God on earth, where all the redeemed from all ages serve God, and sin and sinners are no more.  So here we have the situation where Rock-Mountain is actually Jesus and God’s Government.

From the book “Restoring the Two Houses of Israel” Eddie Chumney states on Page 91 under the heading “A Heart of Stone cannot overcome the Flesh.”   “A stony heart exemplifies the characteristics of our sin nature (evil inclinations) inherited from Adam and rejects the TORAH/Word of the God of Israel.  The newer (renewed) covenant (brit Hadashah) was needed because in the older covenant the heart of stone could not overcome the sin nature of the flesh (evil inclinations).  The problem in the older covenant was not the Torah because the Torah is the Tree of Life! (etz chayim)  Therefore, what the God of Israel wanted to do away with was a HEART OF STONE and Not the Torah.  The God of Israel desired to replace the Torah written upon a heart of stone with the Torah written upon a heart of flesh.   The God of Israel wanted to do this by putting his Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh) within us so that we would have HIS POWER in our lives and follow our good inclinations.  In doing this, the God of Israel desired to change the HEARTS of his people not his TORAH because his Torah is eternal.”

Eddie also draws on another theme where the Torah is Truth, and remember the Torah means Foundation, and in the New Testament it is often referred to as the “Spirit of Truth” as the Holy Spirit is the predominant carrier of the truth to us growing believers.  There are three reasons why we need the Holy Spirit resident within us:  a) Have the power to overcome the sin nature (evil inclinations) inherited by Adam.  b) To bear spiritual fruit in our lives (Galatians 5: 22-25) and; c) to understand, grow, and have a revelation of the God of Israel’s Torah/ Word and the ways of the Kingdom.

There is a sub current or theme in scripture that is applicable at this time; that is Stone, Mountain, Rock.  Predominantly any referral to such an object in scripture is a direct referral to Government and especially to the Government of Heaven.  Hence Rock is Christ Jesus and pebble is Peter in that analogy, The Rock in the Exodus followed them and that Rock is Jesus, so here we have rock and mountain is God and stony heart being tiny in comparison is our own wee government of self.  In scripture in Matthew 21:44 we get this warning about keeping our own individual government or stony heart or giving it up for a fleshy heart.  Here we have revealed that Christ is prince of all Kings of the Earth so that includes All Governments and the Stony Heart Government of self, which will mean that it is either conquered or destroyed.  So now is the time for a fleshy heart and one under God’s government and not in opposition to it, so surrender your heart to Jesus right now.