God’s Not Dead

Recently I was given a recommendation to watch the DVD called, “God’s Not Dead.”  A fantastic Movie and well worth the time to watch. Here are a few quotes that really caught my attention.

“Nonsense remains nonsense even when spoken by Scientists” – John Lennox

And, “Do you believe God is capable of error, bias or bad judgment?  So if he is incapable of mistakes, and he made you in his likeness and in his image, it follows that he cares about you, right, to the point where God’s only son would be willing to be crucified again for you, just you, if that was all that was necessary; well he loves you that much, who cares what your boyfriend thinks.  To the wrong person you will never have any worth, but to the right person, you will mean everything.” From the Movie – “God’s Not Dead.”

There is so much depth in all of this, especially the part where it says, “To the wrong person you will never have any worth, but to the right person, you will mean everything.” How true!  If people considering suicide would believe this, then we would not have their loss from among us, if boyfriends and girlfriends find that they are not being treasured and respected as somebody very special, then it may be time to change friends, change the groups you associate with and get in with people who treasure you, and then honour them by treasuring them right back, as friendship is definitely a two way street of reaching out for comfort, and for comforting those in our circle that need help.  Let’s each spread a little bit of encouragement, reaching out to those hurting or sorrowful. Often our own troubles will fade into insignificance, when we reach out to be a friend to others.

Selfishness has an unwritten code which clearly trumpets, “It’s all about Me!” But a Christian’s focus is, “It’s all about Jesus.”  Where is your focus?  In your heart of hearts, deep down where nobody but God sees, what is going on there? Never forget God’s love for you.  “God don’t make trash.”  You are of infinite value, and remember, you are unique, there has never ever been anybody exactly like you, neither will there ever be; you are special.  Heaven has been designed especially with you in mind; so please do not reject Jesus’ invitation for you to be there, Jesus has paid it all, everything has already been done, and there is a mansion in Heaven with your name on it!

We really hope you’ll be there, so remember John Lennox’s quote; “Nonsense remains nonsense even when spoken by Scientists” or that could be by the famous, the intellectual, or even a minister.  However God alone makes sense and his promises are trustworthy.  How do you know what is nonsense?  Put it to the test and see how it measures up against God’s word.  When you look at the trouble that is happening here in our world, don’t blame God. Evil should always be laid squarely at Satan’s feet, the instigator of all sin and evil.

We live in “Enemy Territory” and the Bible is full of stories of good people facing bad things, just ask Job, Paul, King David, or just about any other person; and then look at the amazing things God did in their lives.  The Bible in Hebrews 11:32-40 tells us of the many who were persecuted and yet lived by faith, and will one day receive the promise of life eternal.

God originally created this world, and fresh from the hand of the Creator it was breathtakingly beautiful, it is still a stunningly and beautiful place even now, and yet in comparison to heaven, it is a rubbish dump.  A radical “Make Over” is coming very soon.  Read Revelation Chapters 21 and 22 and then go back to the beginning and read Genesis chapters 1 and 2.  They both say the same thing, God don’t make junk, and he is about to return this world back to its original perfection, it is your choice whether you want to accept this free gift or not.  He has done it all; he is protecting and pleading with you, “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8).  So even while you have been rejecting God, he is doing all he can to save you!

God has made you a unique and special person.  His promises are true and he loves YOU!  More than you can imagine.

Dear Reader; please come back to a totally committed biblically based daily faith walk.  PS. If you want to watch the movie “God’s Not Dead,” it is available at all good Christian bookstores, or you can join a Christian library.  There is a good Christian library at Manna Park SDA Church 653 Great South Road, Runciman.  It is open every Saturday morning for your convenience.

Credit goes to E. Will, for the original idea and for their amazing editing skills.

God has given you golden opportunities. Improve them. Make the most of the time you have now. Set your soul to seek God earnestly. Humble your heart before Him and in the simplicity of humble faith, take up your cross and your responsibilities and follow the Pattern given you. Heaven will be cheap enough. The precious immortal life will be given to all who choose the path of humble obedience.  Will you from this time, make an entire change in your life and seek to know what is the will of God concerning you? Neglect not this time of privilege, but here, right here, lay all at the feet of Jesus and serve Him with your individual affections. May God help you to break off the shackles Satan has sought to bind upon you.   {LYL 55}