Memorize Scripture

Over the past months there has been coming out of the USA more and more cases where Bible Preaching Pastors and Lay Preachers are being harassed by the Government to hand over every Bible with any hand written margin notes, every scrap of paper, every sermon outline, every sermon preached or not yet preached, every Megabyte of Data Storage and everything.  The aim of this to shut down their ability to “Preach” and if they can allegedly find something, then they plan to lock them away and throw away the key.

As an ordinary Career Criminal, anyone can walk freely, but as a Christian, well; we are now starting to feel the early “Dragon Breaths” on the backs of our neck and this is the very early whispers of the deluge that is about to come on this world.  You can be anything you want, but do not believe the Bible and definitely do not practice it.  If you go and read the book of Esther in the Bible, there is depicted exactly what we as believers are about to face, Government Edicts to exterminate us Christians, but just like in Esther and in Job, firstly they must get past “Our God” and as we take nothing with us from this world, but our Christian Character, so losing everything “Over Here,” is nothing, as we have stored up everything “Over There” even when you die you take nothing to the grave; so do not ever lose Jesus Christ and your Eternal Salvation.

In the time of what is known as St Patrick of Ireland, the Believers carried all the information and Sermons in their memory as they “Memorized” everything, they carried no Bible, and they just quoted from memory or used the Bible that the person had with them, regardless of its language, so that they were able to witness Biblical Truth.  Then I went searching my archives and found this interesting quote published some time back admonishing us right now to memorize more scripture.

Quote; “Memorize the Scriptures, Preparing for the Future; “You will be hated by all because of my name. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.” Mark 13:13, NRSV. The servants of Christ were to prepare no set speech to present when brought to trial. Their preparation was to be made day by day in treasuring up the precious truths of God’s Word, and through prayer strengthening their faith. When they were brought into trial, the Holy Spirit would bring to their remembrance the very truths that would be needed.  A daily, earnest striving to know God, and Jesus Christ, whom He has sent, would bring power and efficiency to the soul. The knowledge obtained by diligent searching of the Scriptures would be flashed into the memory at the right time. But if any had neglected to acquaint themselves with the words of Christ, if they had never tested the power of His grace in trial, they could not expect that the Holy Spirit would bring His words to their remembrance. They were to serve God daily with undivided affection, and then trust Him.

So bitter would be the enmity to the gospel that even the tenderest earthly ties would be disregarded. The Disciples of Christ would be betrayed to death by the members of their own households. . . . But He bade them not to expose themselves unnecessarily to persecution. He Himself often left one field of labour for another, in order to escape from those who were seeking His life. When He was rejected at Nazareth, and His own townsmen tried to kill Him, He went down to Capernaum, and there the people were astonished at His teaching, “for his word was with power” (Luke 4:32). So His servants were not to be discouraged by persecution, but to seek a place where they could still labour for the salvation of souls.

The servant is not above his master. The Prince of heaven (Jesus Christ) was at times called Beelzebub (or Satan), and His disciples will be misrepresented in like manner. But whatever the danger, Christ’s followers must avow their principles. They should scorn concealment. They cannot remain uncommitted until assured of safety in confessing the truth. They are set as watchmen, to warn men and women of their peril. The truth received from Christ must be imparted to all, freely and openly.” {BLJ 343}

Whenever Persecution comes to Christians, they are invariably misrepresented as being the most despicable, undesirable of Human beings and that in exterminating a Christian then you are doing the world a great big favour, “Worldlings” are encouraged to sin as much as they like, but do not live a pure Christian Life, as the corruption of this world does not like it, they prefer to live in darkness, so they always want to turn off the Light of Heaven shining from Christian Believers, which clearly shows everyone their sin.  They want sin in abundance, and to live in sin, so that they can do anything they like at any time they like; they do not ever like anybody living by God’s way, shining brightly “Heavenly Purity” which is showing the true way to live, and this is obedience to God in everything; they just want to live their own way, by their own human rules and to live in sin.

What is on the books of the Governments of this World are clearly depicted and predicted a couple of thousand years ago as written down by John the Revelator, and in the book of Revelation, clearly written down, for our days.

Dear reader; are you going to “stand for Jesus Christ though the Heavens Fall?”  Are you going to immerse yourself in Scripture, to learn and to memorize it, in times past various people have memorized the whole New Testament, and yet others have memorized the whole Bible, so are you going to be a “Bible Based Believer” and make a stand for Truth and Jesus Christ?