Scott Free

We will explore something that I was recently made aware of, and it makes perfect sense, when you consider this wonderful saying, and there is an amazing spiritual dimension to this as well, so where has this saying come from?  Well this comes from a long way back, as English Law and Scottish Law are both basically the same, but in Scotland, they have in their “High Court” not just two verdicts, “Guilty or Not Guilty” but Scotland has an extra category of charge, which in simple terms says, “we know that you did it, but we do not have, at the moment, enough proof and evidence to pin it onto you, so don’t do it again.”  So as a Scotsman with this charge, you can walk out of the High Court, “Scott Free.”

Now in the “Christian Walk” we all know that at the end of our lives, we must all face the record of what we have done “in the flesh” and give an account.  Romans 14:10 “But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.”  Or this in 2 Corinthians 5:10   “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things [done] in [his] body, according to that he hath done, whether [it be] good or bad.”  Daniel 7:10 “A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him: thousand thousands ministered unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him: the judgment was set, and the books were opened.”  Hebrews 9:27        “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:”

Revelation 14:4-5 “These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, [being] the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb.  And in their mouth was found no guile: for they are without fault before the throne of God.”  Now remember that in Prophecy, a woman = a church, so a pure woman has pure doctrines, but an Impure woman is a church/or person with corrupted or impure doctrines.

So these, “not defiled with women” are people who have all their doctrines Bible Based and Pure; or that they are pure and totally “Bible Based” and are fully led by the “Holy Spirit of God” and not by the false “holy spirit” of this world, who never convicts of “Sin, righteousness and Judgement.”  John 16:8 “And when he is come [God’s Holy Spirit], he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:” So does the Spirit in your life leave you “in sin” or drive you to repentance and Jesus Christ?   

From our Revelation 14 quote, there is an interesting clause, “And in their mouth was found no guile: for they are without fault before the throne of God.”  So these people have in essence “Got away Scott Free” as the Blood of the Lamb, has removed from the record books, all traces of their sins and wrongs, there is just not a single piece of evidence available to bring any convictions, so there will be no conviction, because there is no record of any wrong doing, Ever!  All removed by Repentance and the blood of the Lamb.

People may stand up and say that they saw; this, or that, or were the victim of some action, there may be yards of accusations, but nothing will “Stick” as the super accurately recorded transcripts in the Books in Heaven (Your Thoughts, Deeds and Actions), show only Righteous Thoughts, Deeds, and Acts for all the Redeemed, so you are “Scott Free” as it were, and that is all because of Jesus Christ, his sacrifice for you, the Holy Spirit that brought to your mind all wrongs contemplated or committed, and then convicted you of that sin and wrong, and then brought your repenting soul to “the Foot of the Cross” and there Forgiveness and Pardon were obtained, and the sinful record was expunged and forever removed.

That is the essence of what is found in this excerpt found in Ephesians 3:17-20 “That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all saints what [is] the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; and to know the love of Christ, which passeth [all] knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God.  Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,” 

Dear Reader; Revelation gives us only four groupings or categories that all human beings are to be allocated, at the very end, Revelation 22:11-12 “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.  And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward [is] with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.”  You will either “Be Saved,” that is, get away from punishment, “Scott Free,” or you will be found guilty from all your evil thoughts, deeds and actions that are so clearly written in the Books of Heaven and thus your “Guilty Verdict” means that Eternity will be forever removed from you, so right now, Choose Life, and remain forever in Christ Jesus, and thus live and rein with him throughout all the ceaseless ages of eternity.