Walking in the Spirit – One

Here are some interesting thought gleaned from a book by Jack Sequeria, “Laodicea,” (chapter 3; adapted). “ when Jesus accuses us of being lukewarm, this is what he is talking about – works of the law – works of the Flesh, legalism – forms of godliness, attempting to obey the law in our own strength in order to be saved, doing good things for the wrong reasons.  And he warns us, “Because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth” Rev 3:16.

This lukewarmness will cause Christ to reject us!  Why? Are lukewarm works bad works?  They are basically just works of the flesh (sin).  Not outwardly.  Why, then, is God so opposed to lukewarm works?  Here are four reasons for this self-righteousness, or works of the law, that are so nauseating to Christ so that he will have to spit us out if we remain lukewarm. 1. Hypocrisy.  Our fallen human natures are 100 percent sinful (Rom 7:18).  Therefore, when we try in the flesh to be good, when in our own strength we try to imitate God and his righteousness, that is “hypocrisy.”  Paul calls it “a fair shew in the flesh” (Gal 6:12).  In the Galatian Church, the “Hot Issue” was circumcision; for us, the issue could be Sabbath keeping, music, dress, diet, worship styles, or any one of many things.  But the principle is the same: The flesh is trying to be good and to show others how good it can be.  Matthew 23 is dealing with what Jesus thinks of self-righteousness, works of the law. To quote a “P.C.” Country Song; “Oh, Lord it’s hard to be humble, when you’re prefect in every way, I can’t bear to look in the mirror, I get better looking each day.”  It is simply, Flesh and Myself, and Me, and not about the Holy Spirit and God living and operating within us, the “Holy Spirit” is really meant to be the Power of all our works and deeds.

  1. Unbelief. The second reason self-righteousness is so nauseating to Christ is that in reality it is based on unbelief. Jesus says, “Without me ye can do nothing” (John 15:5.)  If you say, “No, God, You’re wrong; I can do something good,” is this belief in him, or unbelief?  Clearly, you are exhibiting unbelief.  “I am increased in goods and need nothing” (Rev 3:17) is repeating that it is “Self” behind things and not God.  Here is a great concept; “Sin is actually – Why?” “Why God,” you convince me and I will obey.  This is actually following my own self, and my own reasoning, and not God’s reasoning, this is not being an obedient servant, when it should be always, “Yes Lord – we are now underway together, please continue to lead me on.”
  2. Selfishness. Paul says, Love (agape) “seeketh not her own” (1 Cor 13:5). There is no selfishness in agape.  Therefore, if we do anything from a selfish motive, we are in opposition to the principle of agape love – the true motivation for all works of Faith.  Works of the law may appear good on the outside, but they are devoid of agape.  They are based on selfish motives, and therefore they are as filthy rags to God (Isa 64:6).  Love to God is the very foundation of religion.  “To engage in his service merely from hope of reward or fear of punishment would avail nothing.” {PP523}
  3. Denying Christ. The final reason that Christ is nauseated by works of the law is because they deny Christ as our righteousness. Paul emphatically told the Galatians, “Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law” (Gal 5:4).  The Jews wanted salvation entirely by their own works/devising.  It is legalism, that it isn’t enough to accept Christ as our righteousness, we must contribute to His righteousness, by my mighty efforts.  In other words, they falsely claim that, “I am saved; by Christ’s Faith plus my works.”

Both imputed righteousness (justification) and imparted righteousness (sanctification) must be all of Christ.  The world needs to see not us, but Christ living in us, and through us.  Only when Christ lives in us through the Holy Spirit, will we be Christ’s, from the motive of pure agape love.  Then the world will be lightened with God’s glory (Revelation 18).  And that is Christ’s real objective in giving the Laodicean message.  May it be realized soon! – END.

The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats as found in Matthew 25:32-46 spells out the sorting of “Christians” into two camps, “Sheep” who follow the Shepherd Jesus Christ who get Eternity, and Goats who follow their own cunningly devised fables.  Goats have some very long lists all ticked off, as they did this and this and more of that, just like the “Pharisee” from Luke 18:10-14 who had works of the flesh and no Holy Spirit, had a form of Godliness, but no power, so the goats get all that they have ever got, that’s Eternally – Nothing.  The “Publican” on the other hand had the Holy Spirit, repented, followed Christ through the Holy Spirit, became a “Sheep” and had no idea that all they had been doing daily was so critical, he just lived “Spirit Led” which was just his usual “Daily Walk” and GOD saw it as “The Fruit of the Spirit.”

The Holy Spirit prompted and then they instantly followed, reaching out to those about them and helping fellow travellers on the journey of life.  It was just a natural reaction as they were spirit led, and as a result, they received abounding gifts, and “Eternal Life” as well.

Dear Reader; Are each of us daily being “Spirit Led” deep in the Bible, much in Prayer, continually; “Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk,” majestic trees in the Forrest of God, or are we really just Bonsai Miniatures, mere Babes when we should be Giant Christians.  Let us each resolve to quit “Fleshly Living” and forever live “Spirit Led.”