Mees-us or Je-sus

Who has ever made a “Bad Decision?” That stupid thing, that “no brainer;” well that includes most of us.  The TV adverts have “Drink – Drive” adverts and show the consequences of drinking and then driving, wouldn’t happen to me?  The Divorce Court is full of cases, and the Large Department Stores just love these “Mees-Us” buyers, they buy all these gadgets, and then fill up their cupboards with lots of them, when most are rarely, if ever used.  A load of very “Bad Decisions.”  All such decisions fall into one of two categories “Mees-us” or “Jesus.”  “Mees-us” is all about “Me” and “Us,” it is basically, what can I get out of this.  Crime, Robbery, Theft and all this is all about “Me” “Us” and “I” what can “I” get or gain from this?

It is all about “How can I get a bigger serving, that Up-sized Portion?” as “Mees-us” becomes the only thing that is relevant.  The story is told of a little boy who was given a role to play in an upcoming presentation in his local Church.  His role was to recite three words at the correct time, and they were “Trust in God.”  His fears grew that he might get things muddled up so he wrote them correctly in order on a piece of paper, so that he could do his part perfectly.

Well on his way to Church he pulled out his well-worn slip of paper to go over his part for yet another time, to try to calm his nerves.  As he was going over it, his Dad, who was driving, wound down the window to cool the car down so that they would not arrive hot and sweaty, then a sudden gust of wind blew the slip of paper out of the lad’s little fingers, and out the window.  A cry of terror rang out from the back seat, “Quickly, Stop the car please Daddy, my “Trust in God,” just flew out the window.”  Is your “Trust in God” so fickle, is it all about “Mees-us” or “Jesus.”

Maybe we should “Trade In” our “Mees-us” for “Jesus.”  Are we living “By the Flesh” with “Mees-us” or are we living “By the Spirit” with “Jesus.”  When was the last time you committed your life to serving Jesus Christ, do you do it Daily, multiple times a day, or was it just a once upon a time, long-long ago?  Who is your point of response when trouble and difficulty come marching up, or when disaster is beating down your door?  Do you try to conquer on your own, “I can handle this!” in my own abilities, a “Me and Us” as a “Mees-us” or do you come and ask God for his direction, and do it as a “Jesus?”

Quote; “Above the distractions of the earth He sits enthroned; all things are open to His divine survey; and from His great and calm eternity He orders that which His providence sees best.”{FLB 42}  Did you pick up the critical factor in the last part of the quote?  Here it is again for us, “He orders that which His providence sees best.”  “Mees-Us” ignores this advice and drives us all into the brick wall of the “Dead End Obstacle” at full steam ahead, and then we sob at the disaster and predicament that we all find themselves in, when “Jesus” followers get smart and got to God, and then discover “He orders that which His providence sees best.” From this they find that “Providence” really knows best, and that there are way less catastrophes and the path ahead is way more smoother, and the “Support Network” is worth way more, than the lousy package available on the “Mees-Us” journey.

God cannot “Override your Free Will,” so if you are on the wrong track of the “Mees-Us,” then God is very much limited in what support he can offer to you, as your “Free-Will” is an almost impregnable barrier to him.  He can cry out from the side-line, he can wave warning flags, ring warning alarms, but he has limited scope thereafter as you are running this as “Mees-Us” so God is obliged to respect your wishes.

If you are a dedicated “Believer” and “Follower,” then “Jesus” is the path that you travel upon and then things really start to happen.  God then orders that which His providence sees best. We have the choice of “The Best” or “All the Rest.”  Satan wants you to sing, “I did it My Way,” and then abandons you in a much worse predicament than that which you started out on, to really discover that you are in such a “Deep Hole,” that the “End of the Tunnel” is but a miniscule speck somewhere out there in the darkness.

Jesus has not abandoned you, he never does, and he never will, as a song once put it this way, “Standing somewhere in the Shadows, you’ll find Jesus, and you’ll know him by the nail-prints in his hands.”  Jesus is always right there beside you, but our “Mees-Us” almost ties his hands behind his back, he can call out to us, but is greatly limited in his watch care over us.  Why not abandon guaranteed failure with “Mees-Us” and commit to a life that has the “Fullness of the God Head” backing it, and give up on “Failure” and find real Peace, Happiness and Fulfilment, from a Life in Christ Jesus, Jesus.