Don’t go There!

We can all relate to this, some to a much greater extent than others; and the very lucky ones, to a very minor extent, as we all have things in our past that are not nice, some are even excessively horrid, we all, just do not ever go there anymore.  Some of these situations in our past were inflicted upon us by others, outside from us, not by our choice, and some were situations that we inadvisably placed ourselves into, and in “Hind-sight” should not have ever gone that way, and then we have on-goingly suffered the consequences of those bad decisions, and sometimes the bad results are permanent maladies and afflictions, and others are just deep buried raw emotional scars.  We all carry deep within us, a collection of traumatic situations, situations that are still fresh wounds that never seem to heal, for with each of us, “There’s a place in my Heart, where even I wouldn’t go.”

Some people use their traumatic past hurts to help and to shield others, so they constantly display more empathy and support to others, they live by the “Golden Rule,” which is “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.”  Yet you find many others who take their past traumatic hurts, and driven by them, viciously lash out at anybody and everybody about them, hurting as many as they can, they seem to be saying, “I Hurt deeply, so now you will have to suffer as well!”  Some people have even had L-O-V-E tattooed on their fingers, so that when they make a fist, they can smack as many people as they can, spreading as much “LOVE” about as they possibly can.  They hurt, so they continue to hurt all those about them.

We can all get “Impatient” with those that we come in contact with, and instead of being kind, considerate and compassionate, we inadvertently push them back into their hurting and traumatic zones, those long left places, places where even I wouldn’t go.  So if you wouldn’t go there, then why are you sending people there?  There is a wonderful mythical story, an ancient Greek Legend, and there are many and varied variations to it.  Basically, Pandora came in contact with something that was not hers, she proceeded to open this Jar or Box, which contained much disaster, death and nasty ongoing troubles.  Once these troubles had escaped, Pandora was then unable to capture them, put them back into the Box, and to return things back to what they were once before.  Pandora was unable to “Un-ring the Bell” as it were, capture those hasty words and un-say them, to un-do those fateful and nasty deeds, once “the box” had been opened, a chain of events spiralled out of her control, never to be un-done and captured and locked back into that fateful box.  The gate was opened and the Horse had bolted. 

Pandora quickly found that, “There’s a place in my Heart, where even I wouldn’t go.”  After this tragic event in her life, she forever had no intention of ever returning to this place in her past, life was so much better anywhere else, and everywhere else, for, “There’s a place in my Heart, where even I wouldn’t go.”  The events had happened, is “in the Past,” and “in her past” and she was forever unable to return things to the way they were before that fateful day that she opened the Box.

Back in “The garden of Eden” mother Eve, ill-advisably took from a fruit tree that was “Off Limits” it was not hers and she had no rights to it at all, she coveted and then stole the fruit, and the consequences of fractured relationships, death, disaster and separation, were nasty, and beyond her worst night-mares, even her first born and beloved son became the first murderer, by killing her second son, leaving her bereft and childless.  Like Pandora, she found that once these events took flight, she was forever unable to catch them once more, and to pack them back into the box, and to return things to the way they were before, she was never able to “Un-Ring the Bell.”  There was now a forever deep raw wound in her life, “There’s a place in my Heart, where even I wouldn’t go.”

There is another lady in the Bible, who opened a box, that could never be closed again, and this is found in Mark 14:3  “And being in Bethany in the house of Simon the leper, as he sat at meat, there came a woman having an alabaster box of ointment of spikenard very precious; and she brake the box, and poured [it] on his head.”    This container had not lid or stopper, and was sealed shut, the only way to open it was to brake it, and then you had to use all of it or waste it.  The Price of the box was a year’s salary, or today, between $40,000 to $60,000, and it was either “Use it all – Or Lose it all.”  Once opened the amazing and lingering fragrance filled the house, it could not ever be stopped or returned to the box, the reason for the gift, She had been forgiven of many and great sins, she was restored to her family, and there was now a forever deep wound in her life that was healing under Jesus’ balm, “There’s a place in my Heart, where even I wouldn’t go.”

We can all at times be in situations where we are unable to put the Perfume back in a bottle, or to put the Genie back into a bottle, hasty words have escaped our lips, ill-advised deeds done, but we need to remember, “Don’t Judge yourself by your Past, you don’t live there anymore,” we know that, “There’s a place in my Heart, where even I wouldn’t go.”