There she was, busily trying to get some important computer work done just before all the family drifted back in for food and care, the phone rang, and the nice polite man on the line compassionately advised her that there were people trying to hack into her Computer.   The very polite man declared that his name was “XXX” from Microsoft, and that we have recognised your computer is very sluggish on line and will only get worse over time …but a simple fix to speed up your browsing speed that normally cost between 100 – 200 dollars… but we at Microsoft can fix this as part of your service for using Microsoft products… and that she needed to act quickly, she just needed to type in a couple of things right now, so she followed their polite and considered advice, which actually allowed them access into her personal computers history and saved passwords files, then immediately the amount of money in their Bank Account started to quickly disappear, the numbers counted down to zero so rapidly, it was almost a blur, and in a mere few seconds almost $250,000 was gone, disappeared, yes somebody was trying to hack into your computer, it was actually the polite nice “Computer Hacker” chap on the phone.  The computer was working fine before the conversation began.  The scammer plants the thought that your computer is running slow or could be made (by them) to run much faster. Only bit that needs tweaking is the phone call, which was a phishing (said fishing) scam, as the scammers sometimes ring people that have no computer at all in the house.

Gone was their savings, all gone in seconds.  She was so extremely lucky that an immediate call to her Bank got the experts onto things and as the Hackers were breaking the funds into small parcels, and then started moving them (Usually overseas) from Account to Account, to try to get anybody off their trail, the Bank swooped in, fenced them off from any more activity, broke their control, and then they started the long process of gathering up again all the parcels of cash back into her Account.  She was extremely lucky, but it took a couple of days out of her busy life, getting everything set up again with new security in place.  Unfortunately, 99% of the time, once funds have left your account and gone overseas they are gone for good.  We must never let anyone into your computer via the net/over the phone, even if it is claimed to be your own Bank, just politely end the call, and then personally go into your Bank and discuss things face to face.

Question; Cyber Hacking of your Personal Computer to raid your Bank Account.  How easily is it done?  This depends on how up-to-date your anti-virus system is, which offers you regular up-dates on your personal computer, you must just take the time to regularly click on the “Security,” then “Live Updates,” then down load the latest, then let the program “Scan.”  Daily there are new ways to hack into your computer, these are daily being found by your Norton’s and MacAfee provider.  What do you do as they are emptying your Accounts?  Ring your Bank immediately as they can stop some payments on various channels  for example payments going overseas under certain currencies and amounts are held for certain time limits and depending on amounts may require a call back from the Bank before they are released out from the bank.  What steps should you immediately take when they have drained, and the fraudster has tried to run away?  Same as above remembering if the fraudsters have your login/password details then they can easily come back for seconds, so call your Bank, immediately change all your login/passwords, as well as your personal computer “Login.”  The important thing is if you see, or even suspect, or believe, or are not sure, then immediately call your Bank, let them check and decide as they are very current in this field; you will not be the first to be targeted, if in doubt, then change your password/login details.

Fraudsters use many old and new methods to trick you into handing over your Banking details, or cash, either verbally or by reaching into your emoticons.  You’ve won, you’ve been chosen, thousands of dollars if you, just click here on this link to see, just trying to get your impulses, curiosity; and that is why a “mouse trap” works, bait to attract, promise, and then deliver nothing, just like “Sin,” it brings disaster, what you just had promised, is now all gone, plus loads more besides.

Remember, these scammers picked on the wrong chap once, they rang a computer whizz, who let them into his computer, and then sent a jammer back up the line to their computer, and started to erase their Hard Drives, then he found that there were another 16 computers on the same interlinking chain, so he quickly jammed them all as well and then also erased all their hard drives, thus putting them all out of business for a long time, much to the horror of the scammer on the phone line who quickly turned from a nice, “let me help you,” into the real scammer he was, who had himself just got scammed, by a much smarter and an honest computer whizz.

So “Be Safe,” Never give out your “PIN” even to your own Bank, Never log into your Bank from an “Email Link,” use your own Browser, avoid “Free Wi-Fi” or public computers, Always use “Strong Passwords” and “Don’t blame yourself – Blame the Scammer.”  View on YouTube “MET Police – Phishing.” “MET Police – Romance Fraud.” “MET Police – Online Shopping.” But most of all; “Never let yourself be Scammed out of your Eternal Life, be always; Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of [our] faith;” Hebrews 12:2.