Daily Manna

How well could we survive if we did not eat “Daily?”  Yet as the humorist would say, “Seven days without prayer, makes one Weak.”  So it is also very true that, “Seven days without Spiritual Food, makes one very weak,” or very sick unto death.  We do need “Daily,” for survival, and “Moment by Moment,” for Spiritual Survival, is just like breathing.  1 Thessalonians 5:16-17 “Rejoice evermore.  Pray without ceasing.”  So here is something from the “Exodus,” that we can learn from.  You can also explore “The Daily Sacrificial System” from the Exodus Sanctuary Service to discover even more “Daily.”

Exodus 16:15 “And when the children of Israel saw [it], they said one to another, It [is] manna: for they wist not what it [was]. And Moses said unto them, this [is] the bread which the LORD hath given you to eat.”  Exodus 16:26 “Six days ye shall gather it; but on the seventh day, [which is] the Sabbath, in it there shall be none.”  Exodus 16:4 “Then said the LORD unto Moses, Behold, I will rain bread from heaven for you; and the people shall go out and gather a certain rate every day, that I may prove them, whether they will walk in my law, or no.”  Exodus 16:21 “And they gathered it every morning, every man according to his eating: and when the sun waxed hot, it melted.”  Exodus 16:19-21 “And Moses said, Let no man leave of it till the morning.  Notwithstanding they hearkened not unto Moses; but some of them left of it until the morning, and it bred worms, and stank: and Moses was wroth with them.  And they gathered it every morning, every man according to his eating: and when the sun waxed hot, it melted.”

Israel in the Exodus, went out early each morning, carefully collecting this little thing like a white coriander seed, well all except for Sabbath that is, and collected their “Daily Bread,” and this was fried, boiled, baked and made into a vast array of edible delights, but it must always be collected early each day, or the rising sun just melted it away.  If you tried to store it up for the next day, it spoiled badly, stunk and grew worms, but it was fresh each morning, double portion on Friday so that you had Sabbath covered as well, and it kept Sabbath fresh.  Now Jesus is the Heavenly Manna, died on Friday, his flesh did not spoil over Sabbath, and he arose from the grave on Sunday morning, very early, or even Saturday night soon after sunset.  Psalm 16:10 “For thou wilt not leave my soul in hell; neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption.”  Another Messianic Prophecy fulfilled. 

John 6:34-35 “Then said they unto him, Lord, evermore give us this bread.  And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life [Manna]: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.”  1 Corinthians 10:4 “And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ.”  Quote; “The Jews honored Moses as the giver of the manna, ascribing praise to the instrument, and losing sight of Him by whom the work had been accomplished. Their fathers had murmured against Moses, and had doubted and denied his divine mission. Now in the same spirit the children rejected the One who bore the message of God to themselves. “Then said Jesus unto them, verily, verily, I say unto you, Moses gave you not that bread from heaven.” The giver of the manna was standing among them. It was Christ Himself who had led the Hebrews through the wilderness, and had daily fed them with the bread from heaven. That food was a type of the real bread from heaven. The life-giving Spirit, flowing from the infinite fullness of God, is the true manna. Jesus said, “The bread of God is that which cometh down out of heaven, and giveth life unto the world.” John 6:33, R. V.  {DA 385} 

Quote; “”The children of Israel did eat manna forty years, until they came to a land inhabited: they did eat manna, until they came unto the borders of the land of Canaan.” For forty years they were daily reminded by this miraculous provision, of God’s unfailing care and tender love. In the words of the psalmist, God gave them “of the corn of heaven. Man did eat angels’ food” (Psalm 78:24, 25)–that is, food provided for them by the angels. Sustained by “the corn of heaven,” they were daily taught that, having God’s promise, they were as secure from want as if surrounded by fields of waving grain on the fertile plains of Canaan.  {PP 297}   

Showbread was a “Perpetual” and was linked to the “Daily” of the manna. Leviticus 24:5-8 “And thou shalt take fine flour, and bake twelve cakes thereof: two tenth deals shall be in one cake.  And thou shalt set them in two rows, six on a row, upon the pure table before the LORD.  And thou shalt put pure frankincense upon [each] row, that it may be on the bread for a memorial, [even] an offering made by fire unto the LORD.  Every Sabbath he shall set it in order before the LORD continually, [being taken] from the children of Israel by an everlasting covenant.”  This is the “Bread of the Presence,” as it was always “before the Lord,” and each Sabbath Morning, the Priests gathered around the table, and in communion, they put on the fresh bread, and ate the bread from last Sabbath, dusting off the frankincense onto the Altar of Incense, to be burnt up, so they ate the bread and drank the cup of the “Drink Offerings,” that was daily received, and poured into the pitchers kept on the back of the Table of Showbread. 

Psalm 73:28 “But [it is] good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord GOD, that I may declare all thy works.”   Matthew 6:11 “Give us this day our daily bread.”  Jesus was in the habit of being up early and to seek his Father’s will in prayer and communion, and sometimes it was an “All Nighter.”  We are very careful to “Re-Charge” our Cellphone, so how well do we re-charge our Soul for the trials ahead of us each day?  Let us resolve to be always eating “Daily Manna.”