Prayer at Full Throttle.

Robert Bakke wrote this amazing and challenging book, which is also our Title, and he makes lots of excellent points, so why are we so often living at an idle, or worse still, still sitting there in “Park” with the handbrake on and the keys still in our pocket.  Quote, “Prayer is simply a heartfelt conversation between you and your God.  It is no more complicated than a child wanting to share their innermost thoughts, problems, and desires with his or her father, and no father requires a child to qualify in any way before allowing that to happen.  Just as we love our children, God loves you, and he is listening to your every word when you pray.” [From Page ix]  Quote [Page 1] “Get ready to bring your prayer life to an entirely new level.  It is time, as odd as this may sound, to roll up your sleeves and put some sweat behind those prayers of yours.  Remember, the Bible says that Faith without works is dead.  And so are prayers.  So get ready to learn how prayers backed by performance on your part will produce tangible results, even miracles, right here in the world in which you live.” End Quote.  Paul challenges us with this in Hebrews 12:4 “Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin.”  So how much more blood, sweat and tears have you still got to toss into the arena so that you will become a victor, and Trophy Winner?

Quote [Page 2] “If you want God to answer your prayers, you need to stop praying to your watered-down imaginary god, and start praying to the all-powerful real One.  Sound reasonable?  It is time to accept the full-gospel, full-throttle Word of God!  Finally believing every Word of God to be true will produce the greatest thrill ride you have ever taken.  The second thing we need to do before we begin is called “erasing the chalkboard.” Robert then asks us to sit in a classroom and see a chalkboard, and on it is written the names of everybody who has ever lied to you, stolen from you, cheated on you or hurt your feelings.  Then to take one last final look, see every name, then boldly walk up to the blackboard, and erase every single name, rub them all out, forgiving them, Jesus did, so why can’t you (Luke 23:34), I mean, actually Forgive them.  On Page 3, Robert then admonished us to go and get a bucket of water, a sponge and a drying towel, step back up to that blackboard, and scrub it clean, towel it dry, not a mark to be seen, this is called forgetting.  Quote [Page 3-4] “You now have learned to forgive and forget, which as you know is divine.  By erasing your chalkboard, you and your heart are now in a perfect position from which to pray.  So let’s get started.  What exactly is a performance-based prayer?  It is a prayer that is supported by corresponding action.  Too many people have become derailed by the phrase “waiting on the Lord.”  Basically, they have turned praying and waiting into praying and sitting.  Performance-based prayer is the exact opposite of praying and sitting.  Performance-based prayer means “praying and performing.”  It is about getting to work and earning your miracle.”

Quote [Page 7-8]; “When it comes to being the real you, perhaps a bit of comedy from Albert Einstein will help show you the way.  Albert Einstein once wrote, “Everybody is a genius.  But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”  Consider the problems, challenges and difficulties that a fish would encounter while trying to live on land.  The fish would quickly discover climbing trees is the least of its worries.  It would have trouble with its mobility, trouble finding food, trouble drinking water, and trying to breathe would be nearly impossible.  Just imagine the frustrations and health issues the fish would be suffering from!  The poor little fish would be praying up a storm!  “Please, Father, help me with my mobility.  Please, Father help me find water to drink.  Please, Father, help me find food to eat and air to breathe.  Please, Father, heal my body.”  But, if the fish would just get back into the water where it belongs, all of its problems would be solved! All of its prayers and cries for help would be answered just by following God’s plan for its life!” End Quote.

So why do we so often struggle like the little “Fish out of Water,” is it because we are not following God’s Plan for our lives, and when we should really be living in another totally different environment, remember we were originally designed to live in the Purity of Heaven close to God, so ultimately we just need to move ponds.  The book goes on to [Pages 14-15] with something we can easily relate to, you see Robert once owned a Ford F150 half-ton truck, pretty much the only one in the area.  Quote; “Ring, ring…” Me: “Hello?” Tim: Hi Robert!” Me: “Hi. Umm. Who is this?” Tim: Tim… Tim Johnson, from the softball team.  Tall, thin, blonde hair.  I play right field.”  Me: Oh, sure.  Hi, Tim, how are you? Tim: “Good.”  Me: “What’s up?”  Tim: “nothing really, just wanted to say hello.  How have you been?”  Me: “Okay.”  Tim: “How’s the job going?”  Me: “Good.”  Tim: “Still Skiing?”  Me: “Yep.”  Uncomfortable pause… Me: “What’s new with you?”  Tim: “Oh… not much.  The job is okay.  Cathy is good.  Although we rented a new apartment, and you know the hassle moving can be.”  Me: “Yep.  Sure do.” Another uncomfortable pause…  Tim: Say, ah, you still got that truck?”  Bingo! There’s your first lesson in prayer!  Christians are making too many calls to God the way guys like Tim made calls to me!  They only call God when they need Him for something!  Don’t even try to tell me you haven’t done this, because I’ve done it myself…”  “Calling people only when we need to “use them for something” is not a good pathway to fellowship.  We don’t like it, and neither does God.  How we know God doesn’t like it?  Because you and I are created in God’s image and nature, and we don’t like it either!  Plus, it leads to the same old answer that none of us like to hear.  That is “No!” End Quote.

So, are you prepared to “Get-ya motor running,” and to “Take it to the limit one more time?”  God is your “Engine Builder and Tuner,” so it will handle all you can throw at it in the race ahead, have Faith, so make that engine sing full song.  Why not have God as “First, Last and Best in Everything.”  If you want more, then log into your “Amazon Account,” tag books, type in “Prayer at Full Throttle,” complete your purchase, and in a couple of weeks you too can now get the whole book to feast upon. So are you going to hit the “Red Line,” and stay on that “Rev Limiter” and actually stay living the Christian Life, running the race that is set before you?  Come on now, be a bit more daring than that, and “put the pedal to the metal.”  See, Jesus is just standing right there in front of you waving the “Green Flag” announcing that the race has started, “Go ye into all the World,” and the Holy Spirit is speaking into the ear bud in your ear, Go! Go! Go!  So are you going to slam that throttle all the way down, and then to forget to ever “Lift Off?”  Book excerpts and quotes used by permission of the Publisher.